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Arulmigu ThirpuraSundari Amman And Arulmigu Vedhagiriswarar Temple - Thirukazhukundram

Thirukalukundram Temple

Arulmigu Vedhagiriswarar Temple - Thirukazhukundram !!

God : Arulmigu Vedhagiriswarar   Hill Temple

Godess :Arulmigu Thiripura Sundari Amman

God : Arulmigu Bakthavatchaleswarar (Big Temple)

Tree : Vazhai Tree (banana tree)

Theertham : Sangu Theertham

Thirukalukundram Temple ( Pakshi Theertham ) is famous shiva temple in tamilnadu - south india

      Arulmigu ThiripuraSundari Amman and Arulmigu Vedhagiriswarar-temple Thirukazhukundram

Thirukalukundram Temple | famous shiva temple in Tamil Nadu - India

Thirukalukundram temple is one of the famous shiva temple in tamilnadu - south india.God Vedhagiriswarar and thirupurasundari amman blessing all the people.

     Thirukalukundram is a famous place of pilgrimage in south india.Sacred worshippers of shiva.The Tract of Country in which Thiru-kalu-kundram is situated is known in comparitively modern times as part of Thondai Mandalam, which was main one of the main provinces of the Tamil Country. Thirukalukundram Temple is known as several others names. The most Popular of these is PAKSHI THIRTHAM after the bird-tank which is on the top of the hill. Near it have alighted, from of old,Two eagles of puranic fame of food and water offered to them by a long line of Vellala Pandarams.

     Another Popular Names of this holy place is RUDHRAKOTI,, which also is mentioned in one of the Purans. A Koti (10 Millions ) of Rudhras are said to have worshipped Vedhagiriswarar Here.Two other Name of Thiru-kalu-kundram which have a puranic history are ADHINARAYANAPURAM , Vedhagiriswarar hill Temple.

     The Name VEDHAGIRI is also mentioned in the Puranas.It is said that the people the world lived in a distant yuga(aeon) had - far earlier thanthe days of Krishna-Dvaipayana-Vyasa the sun of Parasara- become so unspirital that the recitation of the Vedas was entirely Neglected; that Shiva then caused the vedas to be divided into four parts ans entrusted them to the custoday of RISHIS for preseration in their memory and that of their descendants;that the vedic power were not content with being trasured by a few and appealed to the Lord to make them objects of universal acceptance; that siva gave them a corporeal form,even as he gave to millions of souls human forms, and named it VEDHAGIRI,that is, the Hill called the VEDAS.

     The popular tradition is that this range of rocks represents the Four Vedas - the first represents RIG Vedas,the second YAJUR veda,the third the SAMA veda,the fourth the ATHARVANA veda and Lord Shiva is on the Submit of the last.The meaning is that the virtual and doctrine taught by the sacred words of the Vedas are the ladder to God,and that, unless the sprit chooses this path and resolutely travels along it, it will never attain Godliness (Shiva Jnanam or Bhrami Sthithi) but will lose itself in the mazes of worldliness.

Kanni Raasi Parikara Temple

கன்னி ராசி பரிகார ஸ்தலம்

Thirukazhkundram Temple Opening Time

Arulmigu Vedhagiriswarar Hill Temple
Morning 9.00 AM To 12.30 PM
Evening 4.30 PM To 7.15 PM
Arulmigu Bhakthavatchaleswarar Big Temple
Morning 6.00 AM To 12.30PM
Evening 4.30 PM To 8.30PM
Every Tues Day Evening 3.00 PM To 8.30PM

Thirukalukundram Temple ( Pakshi Theertham )

Vedhagiriswarar Temple

God : Vedhagiriswarar(Hill Temple)

Godess : Thiripura Sundari Amman

God : Bakthavatchaleswarar (Big temple)

Tree : (Banana Tree).

Theertham: Sangu Theertham

Temple Opening Time

Shri Vedhagiriswarar Temple
9AM To 12PM , 4.30PM To 7.15PM

Shri Bakthavatchaleswarar Temple
6AM To 12PM , 4 PM To 8.30PM

Pooja Time

8.00 a.m.- Kaala Shanthi Poojai
11.00 a.m.- Uchi Kaala Poojai
5.30 p.m.; Saayaratchai Poojai
8.00 p.m. Arthasaama Poojai

ThiruMalai Giri Valam

Shri Vedhagiriswarar Temple ThiruMalai Pournami Giri Valam 2020

04 July, 12:02 PM To 05 July, 10:58 AM

Thirukalukundram Shivas temple

Thirukalukundram Hill Temple

Thirukalukundram Temple Pooja Time

8.00 A.M. : Kaala Shanthi Pooja

11.00 A.M. : Uchi Kaala Pooja

5.30 P.M. : Saayaratchai pooja

8.00 P.M. : Artha Sama Pooja

Thirukalukundram Temple is famous shiva temple in tamilnadu - South India | Kanni Raasi Parikaara Sthalam

Thirukalukundram Shivas temple
Thirukalukundram Shivas temple